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about will mchale

about will mchale

I am a father of a wonderful young fellow and a partner to an incredibly talented front end programmer. I work with others that are passionate about what they do- to learn, engage, and communicate in ways that are relevant and meaningful. I’ve taught Design for many years, have run various shops & technology labs, lead public projects, acted as community organizer, and have worked hard to make, play, and try to push things in good directions.

I swapped locations on the map from Philadelphia a couple of years ago to focus on doing some of the same in NYC. I've been at Parsons School of Design since 2016 as Director of the Making Center, where I work alongside some exceptional folk. We are working to design a creative resource network and develop facilities that will transform the way Parsons and the New School educates.

I also continue to work on personal projects related to quality-of-life issues, material streams, new industry, and lightness.
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